General Advice Regarding the Khawarij Terrorists by Abu Khadeejah

General advice after the Friday prayers at Masjid as-Salafi (20/11/15).

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  1. It’s a lesson for every Muslim to remind ourselves about the Seerah of the Prophet SalAllaahu alayhiwasalam and how we should behave towards our Muslims and even non-Muslims.

  2. Suban allah excellent speach my brother and i hope inshallah that all muslims listen to this and adhere to it and this dunya will be a better place inshaAllaah. Mashallah keep up the exellent work

  3. An absolute must-listen for anyone who’s anyone, Muslim and non-Muslim alike. Words cannot stress how important the issue of terrorism and its disassociation with Islam is.
    Abu Khadeejah conveys the truth very clearly in this brief yet enlightening lesson.

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