1. The benefits attained from these lessons cannot be enumerated. May Allah reward our Sheikh, Abu Khadeejah Abdul-Wahid – and make this series heavy on his scale and may He aid us in truly benefitting from this great work and explanation, put forward into english by our Sheikh, hafidhullah.

  2. jazakallahu Khairun Shaykh for these beneficial lectures. May Allah increase your knowledge so we can benefit and gain some reward from it too. Ameen

  3. After completing Kitāb at Tawhīd and this series of lessons it is really upon me to thank the lecturer Abu Khadeejah, the Sheikh Ahmad an Najmi (رحمه الله) and the ones who have aided making this knowledge so easily accessible. May Allāh reward you all and be pleased with you. May this knowledge that continues to benefit others be a means of your forgiveness and ease on yawm al qiyama. Ameen.
    To anyone reading the reviews before having started these lessons I can only recommend that you study this book. I found these lessons easy to follow, very detailed and very beneficial. A crucial element of the Deen everyone needs to study an understand.
    Jazakum Allāhu Khair.

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