So what will you do in these last ten days? By Abu Khadeejah

This powerful Khutbah is a must listen for the youth, mothers and fathers. Our brother Abu Khadeejah delivered this sermon today (Friday 18th July 2014) at Masjid as-Sunnah an-Nabawiyyah in Aston, Birmingham. He focused on the affair of benefitting ourselves before Ramadaan comes to an end and get the best out of our worship, and to understand your duty before Allaah, and the responsibility placed upon each and every one of us on a daily basis. Points of discussion: Sins, mercy, forgiveness, Laylatul-Qadr, Imaan, tawheed, youth, parents, calamities. (Ramadaan 2014)

Listen in, and leave a comment below.


  1. This is an amazing and beautiful khutbah. It is very heart touching and I definitely recommend everyone who has not heard it yet to listen to it and spread it to all their loved ones. May Allaah reward our brother Abu Khadeejah and all of our brother’s and sisters at spubs and May Allaah benefit us all through this lecture and make us all among those who exit this Ramadhan better than we entered it. Aameen.

  2. SubhanAllaah! BaarakAllaah Feekum! May Allaah bless your work and pardon us and those who came before us, Ameem.

  3. The above Khutbah by Ustaadh Abu Khadeejah – may Allaah preserve him – is really quite a powerful and beneficial reminder as regards correcting our actions as Ramadan ends. Please do listen and share it. May Allaah reward the brother.

  4. To me, it seems that every English speaking Muslim who listens to this talk will find it beneficial; for the heart and the actions. Men, women and children. May Allaah reward the lecturer and all his scholarly sources of knowledge, and every listener. All praise is to Allaah and peace and blessings on the Messenger of Allaah salallaahu alayhi wasallam.

  5. Masha Allah…..Inspiring…Please how do i get abu khadeejah e-mail address? i have many questions to ask him…..Jazakallah Khairan

  6. MashAllah a very touching and inspiring Khutbah. This has really helped me in improving my Taqwa and Iman. May Allah bless Abu Khadeejah with good health and a place in Jannat ul Firdous. Ameen

  7. Jazaka Allah our beloved brother Abu Khadeejah .May Allah reward you fiduniyah walkhairah. Indeed your lectures are so beneficial to the ummah

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