1. May Allaah reward all the brothers involved in this website as it has benefited me drastically and also many brothers worldwide! This khutbah was another beneficial audio , May Allaah keep us all firm on the deen of Islam, increase us in knowledge and increase our Eemaan!

    • Abu Sumaya
      Mashallah this is very beneficial Khutbah about Ramadan and not wasting your time on waste full things that won’t help you in the hereafter.

      We ask Allah swt that he makes all of us benefit from Ramadan ameen.

  2. A highly beneficial reminder for us all about the reality of the life of this dunya.

    You don’t have much time. Allah only knows how long that is, but how will you utilise that time.

    Will it benefit you or will it be a source of us regretting the wasting of this valuable time.

  3. Very strong reminder on how was should spend our time and how we should plan for that day and not keep putting off until the next day.

  4. A highly beneficial reminder regarding the reality of this dunya and the reality of preparing for the everlasting life.

    May Allaah reward and bless Salafi Publications and all the people who contribute towards the dawah, apparent and hidden.

  5. Excellent talk. I ask Allah to reward all of those who create such beneficial audio clips for the people and I ask Allah to have mercy upon all of us that listen to them.

  6. Jazaka Allah Khair…very good information and reminding us to remain focus on our daily actions and prepare for the hereafter. Being mindful of time and prepare for Ramadhan.

  7. MashaAllaah! May Allaah grant Abu Idrees Jannah al firdaws. Always says what I need to hear

  8. Alhamdulillaah a very good reminder about making the most of our time and the importance of not simply saying ‘I will do…’ and rather we should act on the spot as we are not guaranteed tomorrow to act.

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