Do Not Waste That Which Remains of Ramadhaan by Abu Khadeejah

Khutbah at Masji as-Salafi, Birmingham, July 2013.

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  1. This lecture is a must listen. It is very true, we have to tighten up our waist sheets (i.e. work much harder) in the last 10 days of Ramadan. Jazak Allah khayran.

  2. May Allah guide us all to do what pleasing too Him and forgive us for our sins and transgressions, and bestow us His grace and shower us with His mercy, and guide us on the straight path, Aameen.

  3. Thanks Abu khadeejah…may Allah reward you with goodness. this lecture and most of your lectures benefits me a lot.

  4. rather all your lectures that I have listen so far, benefits me a lot. Insha Allah I pray for your health and well being.

  5. BaarakAllaahu feek. It is indeed a very important talk full of beneficial advices and reminders to keep up within Ramadaan,for all of the days and nights. How serious is the matter to enter and exit Ramadaan without being benefitted and forgiven by Allaah?! May Allaah bless you Ustaad Abu Khadeejah tremendously.Ameen.

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