Helping Our Brothers And Sisters In Palestine And The Issue Of Boycotting By Abu Khadeejah

Short reminder at Masjid as-Salafi, Ramadhan 22/07/14

Issues discussed:

  • Boycotting certain supermarkets/retailers to aid Palestine.
  • The Prophet Salallaahu alayhi wasalam and trading with non-Muslims.
  • Correct stance of a Muslim regarding Boycotting.
  • Muftis in the West issuing fatwas without knowledge and authority.
  • Returning the affairs of the Ummah to the true Scholars.
  • How to aid our brothers and sisters in Palestine and any other place wherein they face difficulties.

The following articles, authored by the speaker, should be read in conjunction with this talk to give the listener a clearer understanding:

These articles contextualise the topic under discussion and the importance of returning back to the scholars in times of calamity and fitan.

Since Hamas is mentioned by the speaker, then the reader should also know the reality of this group and its objectives and its opposition to the Sunni methodology:

On the 19th July 2014, days before this lecture, the respected speaker sent out the following series of tweets to people on his twitter account – clearly showing that our brothers and sisters in Palestine who are under attack and being oppressed by the tyrants must be aided both by supplication and by financial aid:


1. The #Salafi Scholars state: The Muslims should supplicate to Allah seeking His help & protection for the Muslims of #Palestine.

2. The #Salafi Scholars stated: Muslims should make du’aa to Allaah to give relief to the oppressed Muslims in #Palestine from tyranny.

3. #Salafi Scholars state: The Muslims should aid the suffering #Palestinians with humanitarian aid & medical supplies thru proper channels.

4. #Salafi Scholars state: #Palestine Humanitarian aid should be sent thru registered or government organisations so funds are not diverted.

5. The #Salafi Scholars do not support the ideology and methodology of #Hamas or the “Muslim Brotherhood” in #Palestine or elsewhere.

6. Aid the #Palestinian people, #Salafis should not donate to the Ikhwani charity groups operating in the West who give support to #Hamas.

7. It was reported last week “Saudi King Abdullah ordered immediate assistance to the Palestinian Red Crescent worth more than $50 million.”

8. One can donate thru the #Palestinian Red Crescent, a recognised and legitimate humanitarian organisation. Let us help the suffering.

(Tweeted: 19th July2014)

So there is no question that the Salafis support Muslims under attack by the enemy. But that does not change the fact that rectification lies in returning back to the methodology and the path of the Prophet and his Companions. Please leave a comment below describing the contents of this talk and how you benefited. This will help others and it is your way of aiding the da’wah.



  1. Assalaamu alaykum
    Barakallaahu feekum much needed advice and reminders for us on this very important topic Allaahu Akbar.

  2. I passed on this sound clip to the very people who’ve been sending out these exact texts you mentioned reg boycotting of certain supermarkets this weekend etc… (And I received many!) and hopefully they will learn from it and put it into practice! Barak’Allahu feekum for your time and effort to elaborate on this matter and explain it so well and so clearly!

  3. BarakALLAAHU feekum, Ya Ikhwa. An incredible piece of advise May ALLAAH (azza wa jall) correct all our affairs.

  4. Subhaan’Allaah! What a beautiful and eloquent reminder. May Allaah preserve Abu Khadeejah (حفظه الله)

  5. Salam alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuhu brothers and sisters. I thank Allah for opening my mind soul and hear to the truth of this lecture and dawa salaffiya. So many muslims are misguided by following whims and desires and mixing culture with islam and listening to innovators. I was tablighi then sat with Al Muhajiroon then a salafi akhi refuted me and called me to salaffiya. By Allah iblees is very subtle in his approach. And I reconise many of his attacks.

  6. Asalam alaykum.
    Ustadh…. I have loads of your lecture on my phone and lectures of brothers who are close to you like Abu Uways, Bilal Davis and so on.
    Almighty Allah will continue to increase you in knowledge, insha Allaah. I have read so many hadiths concerning the Prophet of Allah having bought some goods from the Jews…. All what you mentioned ustadh above will be implemented insha Allaah…

  7. Alhamdulillah by knowing this now we can clarify the people who are saying against the Salafi’s.. Barak Allah feeka

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