Short Clip: Descriptions Of Paradise by Abu Khadeejah

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  1. JazakAllaah hearing or seeing can imagine paradise. I ask in my prayers, oh Allaah please grant me, my parents, my kith an kin, and all the believing men and women for a place in Jannah firdaus, and encompass us in your mercy and forgiveness upon the earth, heavens and the day of judgement, for you are al-ghafoor, al-ghaffaar, ar-rahmaan, ar-Raheem.ameen.

  2. Djazaakoem Allah ou khayran for this beneficial reminder. It’s sooooo nice to hear about Paradise and how it will be in shaa Allah. May Allah grant us Jannah and forgive our sins, Ameen. This is a short but powerful reminder! May Allah bless Abu Khadijah – Ameen.

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