A Talk To Children About Islam: By Abu Khadeejah

Abu Khadeejah 'Abdul-Wāhid

A talk delivered to school children by Abu Khadeejah Abdul-Waahid back in 2002 during a visit to Sri Lanka. An enduring talk that children have been listening to for years. Many children have even memorised its words and repeat the importance of the themes discussed to their parents and peers. May Allaah reward Abu Khadeejah for this lesson and we ask Allaah to guide our children and keep them steadfast.

A Talk To Children About Islaam by Abu Khadeejah

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  1. Barakallahu fikum! Very beneficial speech to use for children. Big subjects made simple, with words for children to understand and remember forever in sha Allah

  2. Subhan Allaah Barakallaahu feekum very good for our children in words they can understand maa shaa Allaah.

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