Abu Hakeem Delivers a Moving Talk at the End of Ramaḍān 2014

Abu Hakeem Bilal bin Ahmad Davis

A tremendous moving reminder that had people in tears, delivered by al-Ustaadh Abu Hakeem Bilaal Davis (hafidhahullaah) after the taraaweeh prayer at Masjidus-Sunnah in Aston, Birmingham. (Date: 28th July 2014).

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  1. Ma shaa Allah great lecture bringing tears to one’s eyes.
    May Allah preserve Abu Hakeem and reward him for this deep kalimah.

  2. SubhaanAllah! May Allah give us a good ending, and forgive is for being heedless of this reality .

  3. May Allah bless and increase the knowledge of brother Abu Hakeem. Beautiful speech that makes one reflect on the most important aspects of our existence. Absolutely amazing

  4. This talk had brothers in I’tikaaf in complete silence and tears for a while! Subhan’allaah i wish i present

  5. we ask Allaah Aza wa jall to make us of those who benefitted from what we heard and of those who strive day in day out to implement the Deen and Sunnah allaahumma ameen. Allaah reward our brother Abu Hakeem and increase him in beneficial knowledge ameen.

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