Women in Islam by Abu Khadeejah

Women in Islam & General Q & A

Lecture conducted at The Guild Hall, Gloucester on Saturday the  10th of January 2015.

Please leave a comment below describing the contents of this talk and how you benefited. This will help others and it is your way of aiding the da’wah.


  1. It was very beneficial for men and women alike because it gives you an insight into how our mothers, wives, sisters, aunts and other maharim relate to to us and what status they have in our lives. At the same time, it teaches us to to acknowledge our women in their positions and be patient with them on their short comings.
    Another additional benefit was mentioned in the Q&A regarding the free mixing as it is very important for Muslims to understand the evil effects of free mixing.

    Barakallahu feekum Ustadh Abu Khadeejah

  2. @ 46:54-47:00 Abu Khadeejah’s sarcasm is so unexpected yet hilarious. Had to rewind a few times to get over it.

    JazaakAllaah khair for the knowledge, the reminder and the continual effort to spread the Haqq!

  3. Abu Khadeejah covers how Islam has given women their rights and has established justice.
    It is made clear that freedom is given to women by Islam, not by following the widespread corruption we see in current times.
    The lecture is very clear, easy to understand and eye-opening. Everybody should listen to this – man or woman. Especially because some non-Muslims constantly hound the muslims, who follow the sunnah, feverishly try to label then as being oppressed.

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