How the Salaf Raised Their Children by Abu Khadeejah

Beautiful examples and advice by Abu Khadeejah, upon this important topic.

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  1. Beneficial talk on raising children. Focused much on importance of surrounding children with knowledge, its people, love for it, its books, travel that is required for it, etc.

  2. Was wondering about the explanatiom of the riwaya to let children play untill the age of 7, discipline them from 7 untill 14 and be their friend from 15. Jazaakum Allaahu ghayran for the explanation. Very beneficial and a must-listen for every salafi abi and ummi.

  3. Enlightening lecture on the cultivation of children taking from the examples of the Salaf-us-Saalih and the important role of the parents in attaching children to seeking knowledge from an early age and encouraging them such that they desire that and strive for it.

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