Defeating The Ideology Of The People Of Takfeer by Abdulilah Lahmami

“There is non from the People of Knowledge amongst you…”

Highly beneficial and particularly relevant at this current time, considering the worldwide promotion of the Takfeeri methodology via social media, the internet etc.  This lecture by Abdulilah Lahmami was delivered at Masjid as-Salafi, August 2006. May Allaah place it on his scale of good deeds.

Please leave a comment below describing the contents of this talk and how you benefited. This will help others and it is your way of aiding the da’wah.



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  1. So very important in these times. We only have one soul and life in the dunya, do not throw it away recklessly and needlessly falsely believing you are aiding Islam and the Muslims.
    Jazakallah khair Abdulillah.

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