When Allaah Spoke To Moses Directly – Barbahaaree’s Explanation of the Creed By Abu Khadeejah

Lesson at Masjid as Salafi, Birmingham 08/10/15.

‘When Allaah Spoke To Musā Directly’ – Readings from The Creed of Barbahārī with the explanation of Shaikh Sālih al Fawzān. Taken from Abu Khadeejah’s weekly (Thursday) lessons at Masjid as-Salafi.


  1. This is a very useful lecture regarding the ‘aqeedah of the muslim, and the ‘aqeedah of the people of sunnah regarding the speech of Allaah, His attributes and the attributes which Allaah The Most High is never seized to be described with. We should make an effort brothers and sisters to comment on these lectures if they benefit others and benefit salafisounds because it will only benefit us and it is not difficult upon us to comment if Allah wills.

  2. May Allaah make Abu khadijah of the righteous inhabitants of jannatul firdaws, Ameen! Such a beneficial talk & heartwarming reminder. May Allaah increase our Iman, ameen.

  3. Masha Allah. These are some very beneficial lectures. I am benefiting tremendously through these alhamdulillah. Jazak Allahu Khair.

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