1. Excellent khutbah detailing how performing good deeds, even in old age, up until we reach death is of the upmost importance.

  2. These sermons are light. Don’t stop preaching the true religion. Our sheikh, Abu Abdillah, dispenses what the hearts need. We must stay firm, and the older we get the more firm we should be. We must busy ourselves with our own selves and strive to be obedient to Allah. We must shun music, isbal, fornication and all types of sins. Allah protect our sheikh and Allah reward all the Moslems involved in making this audio available.

  3. Bismillah Ar Rahman Ar Raheem
    alhamdullah for this lecture that Allah caused to be a means for a wake up and analaze how watered down we might becoming, and to take heed and that the best of people Umar and those that follow the salaf are those who bring themselves to account. Alhamdullah for salafaiyah and for every blessing he has given us. may he make us leaders amongst the righteous ameen

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