Treating Fear, Anxiety and Weakness in Eemaan Caused by “Lockdown” – Lecture by Abu Iyaad

Abu Iyaad Amjad Rafiq

[08/11/2020] Treating Fear, Anxiety and Weakness in Eemaan Caused by “Lockdown” – By Abu Iyaad.

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  1. May Allaah preserve our teacher and reward him for his service to the ummah and Jazaakallaahu khayr for all those involved in facilitating this crucial lecture. A Must-listen; relevant to the times!

  2. Absolutely must listen. May Allāh ﷻ reward Shaykh Abu ʿIyāḍ for his efforts and give him a long life in defending the truth. Amīn.

  3. Brilliant lecture mashaAllaah.
    Really simplifies and explains misconceptions of these uncertain and unprecedented times, allowing us to understand it as Muslims should.
    Worth listening to every minute.
    Jazakhallah khair

  4. May Allah reward our teacher abu iyaad
    Mashallah the efforts he has put forward for us to benefit we can only thank you and your reward is with allah

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