The Virtues Of The Siwaak By Abu Khadeejah

Khutbah at Masjid as-Sunnah an-Nabawiyyah, Aston, Birmingham 03/03/15.

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  1. As Salamu Alaykum

    It is beneficial audio. May Allah continue to bless Salafi Publications.

    Allah alone deserves the praise.

  2. JazakAllāhou kheir for this audio. I was looking for some reminder around the sunnah of the Siwak and I’ve learned much more than I ve been looking for.

    From the benefits of the siwak, it origin, time to use it …

    Verily for every single things which brings us close to Allah our Messenger ṣallā allāh `alayhi wa sallam informs us about.

    It is an amazing sunnah and it’s sad to see how we neglect it .

    So thank you so much for this good reminder !

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