The Rites of Hajj and Umrah and Visiting Madinah by Abu Khadeejah

Lessons from the works of the great Imām, the Shaykh, Muhammad bin Sālih al ‘Uthaimīn Rahimahullah: The Rites of Hajj & Umrah & Visiting Madinah.

Lessons to be added after each class inshā Allah.

Part 1: The Traveller’s prayer on Hajj & the conditions that make Hajj obligatory.

Part 2: The Mahram – Ability – Meeqaat – Ihraam.

Part 3: Types of Hajj that can be performed and which type is best – Women & Menstruation During Ihrām and the use of pills to prevent the monthly period.


Part 4: Sacrifice: It’s obligation during hajj: what type of animal; where to sacrifice; when to sacrifice; what if one cannot afford it.

Part 5: The The Violations Of Ihraam: what a man and woman can and cannot do in ihraam; what they can and cannot wear; the various violations and their compensations and atonements.

Part 6: The Umrah described: From leaving one’s home to taking the Ihrām until the end of the seventh Tawāf 

Part 7: The Umrah described: From the final Tawaaf and the maqaam Ibraaheem to Sa’ee & Cutting or Shaving the hair; And a scholarly discussion on what a menstruating women can and cannot do. Benefits from Al-Albaanee and Ibn Uthaimeen

Part 8: The Hajj described: From entering into Ihraam in Makkah then moving on to Minā, Arafah and Muzdalifah. What to do at each stage and when to do it.

Part 9The Day of Sacrifice (Eid Day) and all the actions that are performed on this Day: Stoning, sacrifice, shaving (or trimming), Tawaaf al-Ifaadah, Sa’ee, returning to Minaa

Part 10: The last few days in Minaa: Eid and the Days of Tashreeq, the daily stoning of the Jamaraat and finishing the all the duties of Hajj. Then performing the final Farewell Tawaaf before leaving the city


Part 11: That which cannot be left from the duties of Hajj; what should be done in Madinah and what is forbidden; the Prophet’s grave; the Baqee’ graveyard; Masjid Qubaa; Mount Uhud and the martyrs


  1. Alhamdulillaah, I am really benefiting from these excellent for performing Hajj this year, inshaa Allaah. Of all the english hajj audio series available, I sincerely say these are the best I have come across. May Allaah reward the Shaykh Uthaymeen rahimahullaah, Ustadh Abu Khadeejah hafidhahullaah and all those who made these audio available, ameen.

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