The Difference Between Ahlus Sunnah & The Innovators In Being Grateful To Allaah by Abu Iyaad

This lecture took place in Markaz Mu’adh bin Jabal, Slough, UK (2014). Abu Iyaad explains the terms used by the early generations to describe the people of Sunnah. He speaks about the era wherein an abundance of innovations entered into this ummah, explaining in chronological context. Once these historical foundations are laid down, he clarifies why ahlus Sunnah are to be grateful for the guidance Allaah has bestowed upon them.

May Allaah reward our brother for sharing his great insight in this topic.

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  1. Brilliant reminder which conveys the important point of gratitude and thankfulness to Allah the Most High for the numerous blessings and favours bestowed upon us by adhering to the methodology of the salafus saalih.

    May Allah the Most High bless our Noble brother Abu Iyaad (Hafidhahullah)


  2. بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

    This was a beautiful lecture from the brother Abu Iyaad (hafidahullaah) with regard to Shukr and Sabr specifically in relation to those who have been guided to Salafiyyah. It is a tremendous blessing from Allaah to be upon the correct Manhaj while we see so much misguidance and confusion in today’s world. Allaah has favored you O Salafi to be in the Masjid learning texts like Usool us-Sunnah and to know the correct Aqeedah. It is a blessing that should cause the eyes to shed tears. So show gratitude to Allaah for this Nimah and be patient and persevere upon it’s path.

    The brother (hafidhahullaah) also mentions a good amount of historical information and different eras of Islamic History with regard to deviant sects and the reaction of Ahlus-Sunnah wal-Jamaa’ah. So I would recommend after listening to this lecture to follow it up with reading this series of articles produced by Abu Iyaad as well:

    BarakAllaahu feekum.

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