1. I am really happy that someone from the salafi callers took the initiative to teach the whole tafsir of Ibn Kathir online and make it available for us . May Allaah reward with khayr our brother Bilal Davis and grant him success in finishing this magnificent book.

  2. I learned the Whole surah baqarah but Never find de the tafsir explained by a salafi brother in english .It a great news for me and my heart is filed with joy! God bless you for this good work.

  3. Unbelievable. This tafseer is without shadow of the doubt masterpiece. May Allah reward our elder brother Abu Hakeem and protect him and all his family members from all kind of evil in both worlds.

  4. May Allah the one who deserves all glory and praise, reward Our brother Abu Hakeem Bilal Davis and his Family with a reward unimaginable,for their works and may Allah make us amongst them when they are collecting that reward paradise inshallah Ameen.
    Belief and regards,
    From Abdul Hakeem, Abu Musab

  5. May Allah reward our teacher, Ustadh Abu Hakeem Bilal Davis and his Family for this tremendous work. There is no download button on this page.Can this be enabled ? It is on rest of the pages. JazaakAllahu Khiran.

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