1. A talk that really hits home, a must for listen for one who has concern for the preservation of their Eemaan and how to taste its sweetness, by Allaah, a sweetness which one cannot put a value to!! Allaah reward our beloved brother and teacher Aboo Khadeejah with the best of rewards and the maintainers of this excellent and beneficial website, connecting the West to the pure Sunnah of Muhammad صلى الله عليه وسلم as understood by his Companions رضي الله عنهم. With Allaah is all success.

  2. Baraka Allahu feekum. I and my mum just listened to the talk and we have benefitted greatly. much needed reminder on precautions of excessively indulging in the mubah actions, especially talking and eating. wa Alllahu Musta’an. may Allah reward you all. and we love you for the sake of Allah. may Allah bess the people of the Sunnah, and make me among them. Ameen.

    • Aameen! Highly beneficial reminders – May we all be raised together, the Saved Sect, enjoying the reward for our actions in this dunya Aameen!

  3. MashaAllah Tabarakallah. A beautiful reminder. When you become lazy in your prayer and you look to everything to see where your going wrong and feel as if the path to attaining perfection is unreachable. For me the talk was very relevant and identified where we are going wrong, and its solution. Often you hear people talking about increasing ibaada and khushoo but rarely do you see the steps necessary to achieve this. It is a very good talk to sit and listen and to hold yourself to account, listen attentively and ponder the points raised and how they effect you and how relevant it is to you, no doubt you will then see a path to rectifuing yourself. May Allah subhaana wa taala reward you all.

  4. Assalamu 3aleikum,
    Allahumma barik this talk is one i will refer to time and again. It touched on some very important points that can help one in the fight against his/her desires and own nafs. May Allah reward the speaker Abu khadeeja and his family with good

  5. I’m finding tremendous benefit by repeatedly listening to this. Maa shaa Allah. May Allah bless the speaker and those who maintain this site.

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