A Series Of Short Powerful Talks On The Salafi Manhaj by Abu Khadeejah (Ramadan Nights 1436H / 2015)

Brief sittings with Abu Khadeejah after the night prayers (Taraaweeh) at Masjid as-Salafi, Birmingham, during Ramadhãn 1436H / 2015.

1. The term Salaf and its usage:

2. The term Salaf: Is it new?

3. The Ascription to the Salaf / Salafiyyah.

4. “We now know what ‘Salaf’ means, however, what gives you the right to call yourself Salafi?”

5. Whats is ‘The Saved Sect’ – Shaykh ibn Bãz Rahimahullaah answers:

6. Intention and Sincerity – these are important foundations of the Religion and a pre-requisite for Salafiyyah. One must be true and sincere in embracing the truth.

7. Follow the Straight Path requires sincerity – the Messenger with holding to that one path.

8. The sources of this beautiful Religion – the Messenger’s (salallaahu `alaihi wassallam) sermon at the farewell Hajj wherein he commanded his nation to hold firm to the Book and Sunnah. A nice narration from Ibn ‘Abbaas.

9. The hadeeth of ‘Irbaad wherein the Prophet’s words made the hearts tremble and the eyes weep; he commanded with the Taqwa of Allaah and holding fast to the Sunnah and avoiding innovations.

10. Holding Fast to The Sunnah cont’d. Obedience to the whom you consider lowly; the folly of the “Arab Spring” – the con of the century; Why should one hold firm to the path of the Rightly Guided Caliphs; and what are innovations.

11. Holding fast to the Sunnah & the corruption of the Khwaarij. “What did the Arab Spring leave as its legacy except death and destruction!”

12. The Hadīth of Hudhayfah (radhiyAllaahu’anhu) and how to be when evil appears and one is called to it.

13. The Splitting of The Ummah is a resemblance of the nations that came before this Ummah. Unity is a fundamental in Islam. Muslim identity and maintaining a sense of identity.

14. The Jama’ah and Splitting: Who are the Jamaa’ah? Is it the majority? The narration of Ibn Mas’ood regarding the Jamaa’ah. 

15. The Salaf stuck to the singular path of the Sahābah, therefore Allāh raised them

16. The morning Ibn Mas’ood and Abu Moosaa al-Ash’aree came upon people innovating in the Masjid and the subsequent conversation.

17. The great debate between Ibn Abbaas and the violent insurgents who rose up against the Jamaa’ah of the Companions. Amazing debate!

18. Early Generations And Those That Came After: A comparison between the best of generations and then those who came after them

19. The best of the hearts of mankind are the hearts of the Companions – they enjoined the good and forbade the evil and did not fear the blame of the blamers

20. Those who aspire to do good must adhere to the Sunnah: “Whoever turns away from my Sunnah is not from me!”

21. The deceptions of Shaitaan and the “Selfie Culture” which leads to sin. Well worth a listen!

22. Newly introduced matters in to the Religion. Those who introduce innovations (bid’ah) are cornered by Imaam Ash-Shawkaanee!

23. The Sunnah and Bid’ah

24. Types of Bid’ah – Part 1


25. Types of Bid’ah – Part 2

26. Companionship & The Youth – Part 1

27. Companionship & The Youth – Part 2 

28. Means of Da’wah – inc Q & A “The differing with GLM / Jamiah Ahle Hadith seems personal”


29. The end of Ramadhān, carrying the benefits beyond Ramdhān – Advice to the parents & the youth to remain steadfast.

More to be added… (inshaa’Allaah)


  1. Jazak Allah Khair brother Abu Khadeejah. Have never listened to such a series of very powerful talks. Alhamdulillah very very informative and beneficial.
    May Allah reward you with the best .
    Baarak Allahu Feek

  2. Beautiful series of short lectures by our brother ustaadh Abu Khadeejah. Must share with those we wish to give the Salafi Dawah to!!

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