Ramadan The Month Of The Quran – (2004) Khutbah by Abu Hakeem

Abu Hakeem Bilal Davis

Khutbah during Ramadān 2004. Masjid as-Salafi.

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  1. Alhamdulilaah,the kutbah explains the importance of the Quran in the life of a muslim,it is not just a book to be used as a decorative ornament but it is a book of guidance to be implemented in all our affairs…
    This kutbah will make you realize that its high time to stop wasting your time and it will boost your eemaan to act.
    Abu hakeem speaks with his heart and the words that come out only makes one want to please His lord.
    Jazakallaah khair ,we all love you for the sake of Almighty Allaah.

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