Questions to Abu Hakeem – ISIS & Daesh / Parents of The Prophet ﷺ / Texting The Salām / Saffron / Al-Asbāt / Manners of The Student / Sharhus-Sunnah / Hebrew Israelites / Shab-e-Barat.

Abu Hakeem Bilāl Davis

All praise is due to Allah, the Lord of all creation—and may He extol the Messenger in the highest company of Angels, and grant him peace and security—likewise to his family, Companions and true followers.

[14/3/2022] Questions answered by Abu Hakeem Bilāl Davis حفظه الله, after the Tafsīr ibn Kathīr class at Masjid As-Salafi, Birmingham, UK.

Questions and points covered by Abu Hakeem Bilāl Davis (حفظه الله) :

1.Clarification regarding ISIS and other groups.
– The deviated misconstruing of the text of the Qur’ān and Sunnah regarding jihād by ISIS and other jihādī groups.
– The manner in which the Prophet ﷺ participated in military expeditions.
– The context of the verse, “…smite them on their necks”, and when it is to be applied.
– The legislation of Allāh regarding how to deal with military aggression.
– Clear evidence from the Prophet ﷺ that refutes the oppressive claim of the enemies of Islām that the Muslims are bloodthirsty.

2.The condition of the parents of the Messenger [7:00:00]
– Proof that both parents of the Messenger ﷺ died as non-Muslims.
– The test on the Day of Judgement for those whom the message did not reach.

3.Some points regarding the salutation (saying As-salāmu ‘alaykum) [09:40]
– Proof that one does not have to write the salām with his own hand [includes using an image or a phone shortcut which then prints the salām in full] as long as what is intended is achieved [which is to address another with the salutation].
– Proof that one must respond to the salām with better or in a like manner.
– Educating the one whose response to the salām given is deficient/not befitting.
– The impermissibility of using abbreviations.

4.Wearing the colour saffron [14:30]
– A description of the colour saffron.
– The reason for the prohibition of wearing saffron or red.
– Proof that the prohibition is regarding the garment that is purely saffron or purely red.
– The most correct position regarding women wearing these colours.

5. The difference between al-Asbāṭ and an-Naqīb [17:24]
– The meaning of al-Asbāṭ and an-Naqīb (pl. an-Nuqabā’).
– Proof that many of the Prophets and Messengers were from the Asbāṭ.

6.The manners of the student of knowledge [19:30]
– A mention of some works on this topic:
– Jāmi’ Bayān al-‘Ilm wa Faḍlih by Imām Ibn ‘Abdil-Barr.
– Al-Faqīh wal-Mutafaqqih by al-Imām Khaṭīb al-Baghdādī.
– Al-Ādāb ash-Sharī’ah by Ibn Mufliḥ.
– The explanation of Ḥilyatu Ṭālib al-‘Ilm by Shaykh ‘Uthaymīn.

7.A response to those who say Sharḥ as-Sunnah of Imām al-Barbahārī is overrated [24:00]
– The insinuation/essence of what is meant by this statement.
– The type of person that would utter such a statement.
– The reason they refer to these books as “overrated”.
– The clarity of the Salaf vs the mental gymnastics required to understand the falsehood of those who oppose the manhaj of the Salaf.

8.False claims of the Hebrew Israelites [33:00]
– Clarification that the rejection of their claim is not due to their skin colour.
– Proof that many from Banī Isrā’īl had dark skin, and how the Prophet ﷺ described Mūsā (عليه السلام).
– The reason the tribes spread, and those whose bloodline truly returns to Banī Isrā’īl.
– The false method utilised by the Hebrew Israelites to “prove” that their bloodline returns to Banī Isrā’īl.
– Their similarity to the Yahūd from the past in believing they are the chosen people.

9.Shab-e-Barat [41:10]
– A mention of the ḥadīth wherein the Prophet ﷺ informed of what occurs on the 15th of Sha’bān.
– The bid’ah of carrying out specific acts of worship on this night.

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