Preserving the ‘Aqīdah is From The Manhaj of The Salaf (2010) by Abu Khadeejah

Khutbah at Masjid as-Salafi, Birmingham, 2010. Abu Khadeejah clarifies some of the errors of those who claim that you may oppose the ‘Aqīdah of Ahlus-Sunnah. The likes of Shadeed Muhammad who claims that “the Sahābah differed in ‘Aqīdah”!

Also, those who forsook the ‘Aqīdah to cooperate with the people of innovation, the likes of Abul-Hasan al-Ma’ribī, Ali Hasan al-Halabī, Yāsir Qādhī, Suhayb Hasan, Usāmah Hasan, Haitham Haddād and their like.

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  1. May Allah bless you. We should call to Tawheed and be united. We should not allow the ikhawani infiltrators to divide us.

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