1. Very beneficial dars revolving around :

    1- the importance of sincerity in seeking knowledge and the concern of the salafs towards it

    2- importance of being diligent towards seeking knowledge and making efforts for attaining knowledge

    3- the importance of memorisation and how to memorise

    4- the importance of choosing a good teacher with sound aqidah and manhaj and who fears Allah

    5- the connection between deeds and aqidah

    6- the concern of the student with the Qurˋan, reading it, memorising it, reciting it properly, acting upon it

    7- the concern of the student with the sunnah, studying it, memorising it, defending it, acting upon it

    8- the importance for the student to know the books of ahadith

    9- the types of books of ahadith (jawami’, mustakhrajat, sahihat, sunan…)

  2. Jazaakum Allahu khayran. What a world of difference between learning from those who are upon truth and guidance and between those who have developed an entertainment industry out of teaching and learning in the name of Islam! May Allah keep us firm upon the correct aqeedah, manhaj, guidance, knowledge and practice. Aameen!

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