Methodology of the Salafi through the ages & in light of the Fitnah in Syria & Iraq – Abu Khadeejah

In July 2014 ISIS declared the so-called “Caliphate” in scattered parts of Iraq and Syria. In reality this was nothing more than yet another manifestation of the renegade insurgency of the “Khawaarij” of old who arose against the Companions of the Prophet Muhammad (salallaahu ‘alaihi wassallam) claiming they had more piety and legitimacy than even the Companions!

Abu Khadeejah in this short lecture delivered at the Salafi Mosque (Birmingham) in July 2014 (Ramadaan 1435) clarified the duty of every Muslim to follow the Prophet Muhammad in both speech and action – every Muslim is obligated to recognise the Jamaa’ah (the body of Muslims upon the truth past and present), know its characteristic of holding fast to orthodox Islaam, and to abandon extremism and the paths of misguidance. Listen in and benefit. Please leave your comments below.


  1. Jazakum Allah khairan for sharing this audio. I ask Allah (subhanah wa Ta’alah) to preserve our noble brother Abu Khadeejah and increase him from his blessings.

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