How the Muslims are to Behave & Live with Non-Muslims, by Abu Khadeejah

This lecture given after the terrible image of Islaam portrayed by the Islamist insurgents across the Middle East, and by Muslims living in the West who further disfigure this beautiful and noble Religion. It is not uncommon to find non-Muslims who have been turned off looking into this Islaam and its teachings thanks to the activities of these ignorant Muslims who have no idea how to behave with non-Muslims. It is a travesty that both Muslims and non-Muslims are turning away from Islaam because its true message is being marred by Muslims who do not know how the Messenger and his Companions interacted with non-Muslims.

Abu Khadeejah brings narration after narration [after narration] from the Prophet, his Companions, the early Salaf and the great Salafi Scholars (Ibn Baaz, Ibn Uthaimeen and Al-Albaanee) to show how the Muslim is to deal with non-Muslims. For more a more detailed article, read here.

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