1. Very beneficial alhamdulilaah, I’d recommend everyone to listen and benefit from this lecture in shaa Allaah.

  2. SubhanAllah! An in depth and very informal talk about a very important subject. Abu Iyaad explains the issues regarding magic in direct accordance with the quran and sunnah. There is much false practices going on in our society and Abu Iyaad clarifies it and advises on the correct methodology, Ma Sha Allah. May Allah (swt) continue giving our ustaad the ability to teach the haq!

  3. This is of great benefit to us because it is replete with the dalil from the text and it is without wasted words.

  4. Marshallah, this is a great benefit. I walk away with more knowledge after listening to this lecture.

    Hope all can benefit and learn Inshaalah.

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