[Lesson 10] Prophetic Morals (Generosity of the Soul and its Contentment) – Guidance for the Muslim Woman – By Abu Khadeejah ‘Abdul Wāhid.

Abu Khadeejah ‘Abdul Wahid

All praise is due to Allah, the Lord of all creation—and may He extol the Messenger in the highest company of Angels, and grant him peace and security—likewise to his family, Companions and true followers.

[12/02/2022] Lesson 10: Prophetic Morals (Generosity of the Soul) – Guidance for the Muslim Woman – By Abu Khadeejah ‘Abdul Wāhid حفظه الله.

Some of the points discussed in this lesson:

⁃ Chapter: Generosity of the Soul.
⁃ Ḥadīth #276.
⁃ The reality of true richness and encouragement to nurture the quality of generosity of the soul.
⁃ The meaning of as-Sakhā (generosity).
⁃ The nature of the son of Ādam regarding worldly possessions.
⁃ Being moderate in striving for what will benefit (when seeking a living) and understanding that every person will receive what was decreed for him of sustenance in full, even if it is slow in coming.
⁃ A warning against the deception of believing that the only way to be successful in the worldly life is by engaging in ḥarām.
⁃ Ḥadīth #277
⁃ The forgiving and easygoing nature of the Prophet ﷺ.
⁃ Ḥadīth #278
⁃ A lesson from the Prophet ﷺ in how we should be merciful and fulfil the needs of the people in their times of hardship.

⁃ The ruling on a woman needing a maḥram to travel.
⁃ The age of a maḥram for travel and the criteria that must be fulfilled.
⁃ Taking out a pension at work.
⁃ Giving zakāh to a person just released from prison.
⁃ Advice for the woman whose husband has left the home but refuses to divorce her.
⁃ Shared ownership of a house with ‘Islamic’ banks.


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