How To Seek Knowledge (short clip) By Hasan As-Somali

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  1. A beautiful and concise reminder by our Noble brother Hassan as Somali حفظه الله on the importance of seeking knowledge and remaining constant upon it even if it is little. He gives a wonderful example of how the slow trickling of water eventually permeates a rock, similar to how the slow yet constant attainment of knowledge will settle eventually within one’s heart.

  2. Nice reminder revolving around :

    1- being constant (consistent) in seeking knowledge

    2- be diligent towards the sittings of knowledge

    3- not giving up

    4- asking Allah for his help in seeking knowledge

    5- not using age as an excuse for not seeking knowledge

  3. A very beautiful example of how by observing nature we can learn a lot of lessons, such is that example by our Brother Hassan As Somaali that water droplets that is constant in which it falls on a rock it eventually breaks it down. Such is that with perseverance with seeking knowledge, In Shaa Allah we will find the understanding. This lecture has tought me that patience is key in acquiring knowledge.
    Jazakahlahu kheir.

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