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  1. Alhamdulillah a brief reminder yet full of benefit. May Allah accept it from all who made this possible. Some take home messages:
    – Let us make the remainder of our Ramadan (and our lives) better than which has passed
    – If we did not benefit ourselves through this Ramadan fully, then let us at least do so partially, rather than devoid ourselves in totality.
    – Another year has passed, and we have listened to many sermons and lectures. But what have we done with them? Have we increased in knowledge and uprightness and decreased in sins? Are we drawing to Allah, or are we traversing in the opposite direction, even by a little?
    – This is a time for reflection. Reflect upon ourselves, the situation we are in, the swift movement of time, and this month where Allah has blessed us with to aid in our rectification and salvation. As every night in this month Allah in His Mercy saves people from the Hellfire.
    – Let us benefit from these reminders, for reminders benefit the believers. Instead of listening to admonishments and thinking that they remind you of someone you may know, apply those admonishments to your own self, how much you yourself are in need of improvement.

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