From The Effects Of The Qur’aan By Abu Hakeem

Khutbah at Masjid as-Sunnah, Aston, 17/03/15.

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  1. Beneficial khutbah which includes the amazing story of how the Jinn were affected by listening to the Quran to such an extent that they believed and became Muslims.

  2. – Excellent talk on the Status of the Qur’an (the Speech of Allah, NOT created).
    – The effect the revelation had on the earth, the skies (i.e. more stars), mankind and the jinn.
    – How the Qur’aan affected a vicious & feared highway robber, causing him to become one of the renowned Scholars of Islam & Salafiyyah (Fudayl bin Iyaad (tabi’ee)).
    – Encouraging words to read Qur’an with reflection and correct understanding.

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