From The Distinguishing Characteristics of The Pious Predecessors – By Abu Hakeem Bilāl Davis [Masjid Al Athari – Brufut – Gambia]

Abu Hakeem Bilāl Davis

All praise is due to Allah, the Lord of all creation—and may He extol the Messenger in the highest company of Angels, and grant him peace and security—likewise to his family, Companions and true followers.

[01/11/2021] From The Distinguishing Characteristics of The Pious Predecessors – By Abu Hakeem Bilāl Davis حفظه الله. Masjid Al Athari, Brufut, Gambia.

– The guidance of Ḍamād b. Tha’labah al-Azdī (رضى الله عنه) by way of the Khuṭbatul-Ḥājah.
– The manner in which the da’wah of the Messenger ﷺ divided the people.
– The harm met by the true carriers of the message of the Messengerﷺ.
– From the descriptions of the Strangers:
1. They rectify themselves when the people become corrupt.
2. They rectify what the people have corrupted of the Sunnah.
3. They are a small number of righteous people among a large number of evil doers.
4. They are a small number of individuals from varying tribes.
– The methodology of the Strangers is based on Tasfiyah and Tarbiyyah.
– The Sunnah is one as it relates to the fundamentals of Dīn and ‘Aqīdah, and the Companions (رضى الله عنهم) united upon this.
– The corruption of Christianity by Paul.
– Characteristics of the later generations.
– Ibrāhīm’s (عليه السلام) du’ā for a Messenger who would teach and purify the people, and Allāh’s (سبحانه وتعالى) response to it.
– Proof that the Sunnah of the Messenger ﷺ and the Sunnah of the Khulafā’ ar-Rāshidīn is considered one entity.
– A warning against the storytellers and entertainers.
– The successful da’wah of some of the youth from the Companions.
– Points from Shaykh Zayd al-Madkhalī’s (رحمه الله) ‘Extracts from the Characteristics of the Salaf and Their Distinguished Methodology in the Affair of Knowledge and Action’:
1. Reliance upon the text of the Book and Sunnah (upon the understanding of the Companions).
2. Sound intent.
– They adorn themselves with patience, wisdom and good sermon.
– The correct meaning and application of ḥikmah.
3. They cling completely to the methodology of the noble Messengers and the great Prophets (عليهم السلام) in their da’wah and pure characters based on the principles of the Sharī’ah
4. Our proceeding upon the da’wah is clear, with no hidden agenda.
5. They love to constantly increase in the sciences of the Sharī’ah.
6. They are humble.
7. They have concern for establishing circles of knowledge.
8. They are gentle with the people.
– The mercy present in boycotting and warning against those who oppose the Dīn.

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