“Five Signposts Clarifying The Straight Path” – By Imām Mālik Rahimahullāh – National Conference 2022 – By Abdulilah Lahmami

Abdulilah Lahmami

All praise is due to Allah, the Lord of all creation—and may He extol the Messenger in the highest company of Angels, and grant him peace and security—likewise to his family, Companions, and true followers.

[27/08/2022] “Five Signposts Clarifying The Straight Path” – By Imām Mālik Rahimahullāh – National Conference 2022 – By Abdulilah Lahmami حفظه الله. Masjid As-Salafi, Birmingham, UK.

Some points covered during this lesson:

  • The meaning of a scholar being a  hujjah.
  • The praise of the scholars for Imām Mālik.
  • His great family of knowledge.
  • The danger of those who are amazed with themselves and have memorisation without understanding. 
  • Abū Dardā on the three signs of ignorance.
  • Imām Mālik’s honouring of the Messenger ﷺ and how he would prepare himself to narrate hadīth. 
  • His carefulness in guarding the tongue (in every affair).
  • The knowledge that will benefit on Yawmul-Qiyāmah. 
  • Four types of people knowledge should not be taken from.
  • The jamā’ah in the Muslim and non-Muslim lands. 
  • The scholars are on levels, and what should be done when the scholars differ.
  • The concern of the ‘ulamā for the people, and an example from Shaykh Muqbil regarding al-Maghrāwī.
  • Following the haqq, not hearsay.
  • The ādāb of the ‘ulamā, and an example from Shaykh Muhammad al-Bannā.
  • Imām Mālik’s famous statement regarding al-Istiwā, and the importance of affirming Allāh’s Names and Attributes. 
  • The permissibility of taking someone out of the masjid if they are causing harm to the people.
  • How Imām Mālik dealt with those who made bid’ah seem appealing. 
  • Learning manners before knowledge and considering one’s speech from one’s actions.


  1. What is our position when someone asks about [an individual] who has been imprisoned in Saudi Arabia? 

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