Fatawa For Women: The Hijāb, by Abu Uwais (rahimahullāh)

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  1. SubhanAllah this lecture is such a GREAT reminder! For sisters who due to cirmcumstances have to work/study in nonmuslim environments where there are men (where we have to work with men) we must constantly be reminded of the best hayah of a pious woman. We really have to be so alert and aware of how we behave! Honestly the best thing is to not be in such environments all together. May Allah make us steadfast! Ameen.
    May Allah grant all single revert (and born) Muslim sisters upright husbands so we can stay within the home and away from interaction with men. Ameen.

  2. May Allah have mercy upon our beloved brother Abu Uwais and make it heavy in his scale of good deeds! Aameen! This talk is amazing especially as their is so much negativity towards the niqab/veil and how us sisters are being told its not compulsory but their are two opions upon Niqab and us sisters who hold it compulsory are made to seel extreme when in fact it is more imperative in our time to wear it then in other times. Holding onto hot coals wearing the niqab in these times may Allah keep us salafi sisters firm this talk is a beautiful beautiful reminder!!!

  3. Baarakallahu fiykum for this great mesages to muslim ummah may allah guide us in salafees way.
    allahumma aamin.

  4. السلام عليكم
    جزاكم الله خيرا
    And may Allah grant mercy to our Ustadh Abu Uways.His advice have reminded me of a great duty indeed and pointed to my mistakes in hijab behaviour. Allahomma rahmo rahma wasee3aa. We ask Allah to forgive us and our sisters for our shorcomings, and to make the Real Legislated Hijab loved to us. Allah will provide for each of us.

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