Explanation of the Hadith: “I have been sent to perfect good character” – By Abu Idrees Muḥammad Khān – Masjid At-Tawheed, Cardiff.

Abu Idrees Muhammad Khān

All praise is due to Allah, the Lord of all creation—and may He extol the Messenger in the highest company of Angels, and grant him peace and security—likewise to his family, Companions, and true followers.

[05/11/2022] Explanation of the Hadith: “I have been sent to perfect good character” – By Abu Idrees Muḥammad Khān  حفظه الله. A Glimpse at the Best of Mankind Conference, Masjid At-Tawheed, Cardiff, UK.

Some points discussed during this lesson:

  • The connection between ‘Aqīdah and having good character. 
  • The reason deviant sects focus heavily on good character. 
  • The importance of the People of the Sunnah having good moral conduct. 
  • Points of benefit from narrations that highlight the virtues of good character:
  • A person attains the elevated station of the one who fasts and stands in prayer. 
  • How bad character leads to a person being bankrupt on the Day of Resurrection. 
  • A person attains the love of the Messenger ﷺ and closeness to him on the Day of Judgement. 
  • It will make your scales heavy on the Day we will all be desperate for that. 
  • A warning against using coarse and foul language.
  • It is a sign of striving to complete one’s īmān. 
  • How the dīn moulds our character and unites us despite our different backgrounds.
  • The negative effects of chasing the dunyā. 
  • An encouragement to humble ourselves for the Sake of Allāh and not wrong others due to being wronged. 
  • It earns the person a castle in the highest level of Jannah. 
  • It is from the main reasons why people will enter Jannah. 
  • Encouragement to have a soft heart, shed tears due to the remembrance of Allāh and have compassion for our companions.
  • The example of ‘Umar b. al-Khaṭṭāb (رضى الله عنه) and how he used to cry despite his strong character. 
  • Examples of the compassion of the Prophet ﷺ and times he shed tears:
    1. When Ibn Mas’ūd recited to him from Sūrah an-Nisā.
    2. At the death of his son Ibrāhīm.
    3. When his grandson was close to death.
    4. At the death of Sa’d b. ‘Ubādah.
    5. In sujūd when there was an eclipse.
    6. After reciting the verses, “O my Lord! They have indeed led astray many among mankind. But whoso follows me, he verily is of me. And whoso disobeys me, still You are indeed Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful” and “If You punish them, they are Your slaves, and if You forgive them, verily You, only You are the All-Mighty, the All-Wise.”
  • Ṭāwūs b. Kaysān on the blessing of good character. 
  • ‘Abdur-Raḥmān b. Mahdī on fearing and staying away from lowly character.
  • Ḥasan al-Baṣrī on the signs of Ahlul-Khayr. 

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