Doubts Around The Da’wah – Part 17 – Removing the Niqāb from Muhammad Hijāb – by Abu Hakeem

Abu Hakeem Bilāl Davis

Doubts Around The Da’wah – Part 17 – Removing the Niqāb from Muhammad Hijāb – by Abu Hakeem.

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  1. Jazzakoum Allah ou khayran for clarifying the truth with clear proof, when I started watching his videos I was impressed by his intellect and blindly following his speech not realising how deceived I was, until brother Shamsi came in the picture with his refutations and clear evidences in stead of his own opinions.. such a shame that he can not accept the truth and instead of admitting his wrong opinions and ikhwaani way of thinking, starts a whole internet beef making it very personal with brother Abu khadeejah rather I expected him to be thankful and returning to the haqq, all the admiration I used to have for him is gone and I started to realise he is more on a wannabe famous journey instead of defending the Deen of Allah swt. AlhamdouliLah and may Allah swt increase you all with beneficial Knowledge and firmness.. I wanted to let you know that I am very greatful for your clarifications Jazzakoum Allah ou khayran

  2. Assalaamu Alaykum

    May Allah reward you for this very beneficial series of clarifying the Truth regarding Muhammad Hijab. It is sad that Muhammad Hijab is not taking heed to this and I fear for him.

    May Allah guide him and guide us. Aameen

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