1. Jaza kallah khayr
    Sometimes I feel a subject is above me and complicated and I should leave it for those that have better knowledge. But I can not leave death because death will not leave me.

  2. jazaka Allahu khaira.
    Few points from the beneficial lecture are

    1.the hereafter is better for you.
    2.When will we take heed from Allah and our messenger?
    3.Mankind love this life and leave the hereafter.
    4.HAsan al basri rahimahullah statement in this life,the enjoyment is deceiving.
    5.Whats the worth of this dunya-these stuffs are the obstacles of our life.
    We gotto know.
    6.We r not thinking of this.Our heart is hardened.this is the most severe form of Punishment.
    7.NAbi alihissalam saying about the worth of this life as a wing of a mosquito
    8.Live in this life as a stranger,a wayfarer.
    9.Every soul will taste death.
    so what are we doing for this?
    10.If we live to the morning,and do not anticipate in the evening
    If we live to the evening and do not anticipate in the morning.

    THis will make us crave for righteous actions as the time is very short.
    11.Take from you rgood health before sickness,and your life before death.

    12.What did we do with this life?
    We gotto think of it.

    13.THe reasons that causes the person to be neglectful of the hereafter.
    a.trying to get the pleasure of people.
    Its impossible to please all around us.SO rectify whats between you and Allah.
    We busy ourselves with others,not knowing the honour of Allah.

    Allah,the one who is more knowledgeable said ,
    Donot let the life of this world (deceiver (the Shaytan))to deceive you.

    THe life of this world,is a deep ocean.Many are drowned.
    MAke your ship sail on this ocean,by having taqwa of Allah subhnawa tala.

    THe lord that you carry in this ship will be the eman .
    PErhaps you will be successful.
    our tawaqqal and emman are not for the hereafter.this makes us deficient.

    THe miskin is the son of Adam ,if he feared the hell fire,as he fears poverty.

    THe dunya is the intoxicant of Shaytan.Whoever consumes it,will be intoxicant.
    You will not sober until death approaches it.

    THe best of people are those who busy ourselves with righteous actions.

    May Allah have mercy upon you oh brother and those who help in it.

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