Continue Upon Righteousness After Ramadān by Abu Idrees

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  1. Jazakallahu khayr for this. Beneficial and moving talk.

    Brother Abu Idrees speaks about how although Ramadan is over, we should not stop offering our nightly prayers (and other good deeds). Because in the last third of every single night, Allah descends to the lowest heaven (in a manner that befits Him) to answer the one who calls upon Him, to give the one who asks of Him, and to forgive the one who seeks His Forgiveness.

    Also, a personal recount about the death of brother Abu Talha Dawood Burbank and his wife (rahimahullah)… and the lofty advice Shaykh Muhammad Hadi (hafidhahullah) gave that not only gave comfort to those grieving, but puts things into perspective… for every single one of us.

    When Allah wants good for a servant, He guides him by righteous actions before his death. May we be of those whom Allah wants good for. Ameen.

  2. Allaahumma barik a really good reminder, he spoke about asking Allaah to give us a good ending.

  3. This is a very beneficial lecture wallohi!.
    Ustādh Abu Idrees talked about the importance of continuity of our ‘ibādāt after ramadan, that we should continue our righteous actions such as qiyaamu-layl,remembring Allah,attending durūs etc.
    He also spoke about being firm in worship and seeking a good end.

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