1. Subhan Allah was a very beneficial lecture, it provided the answers I had been looking for as regards to the refinement of my own character. Many other modern, city-dwelling sisters will be able to relate well to this. The struggle is real when you have not been cultivated from a young age to be bashful and reserved – especially in this age where girls are taught to “put yourself out there” to go far in life (supposedly). But as Brother Abu Khadeejah advised: if you’re not naturally modest, then inculcate it in yourself – behave modestly and you will become modest eventually in shaa Allah. Like the expression, “fake it till you make it”. But never become complacent and refuse to change certain aspects of yourself for the better – it will only lead to your own loss. So let’s keep striving for the sake of our Lord. And if it’s any comfort, know that you’re definitely not alone in this. May Allah accept it from us and reward all who made this benefit possible. Ameen.

  2. An important take away (from this lecture) is surround yourself with the good company. If all the sisters around you are competing for who dresses the best, and wears makeup the best, you will fall into that as your habit. And the bad habits begin. One after one. Starts with wearing a little eyeliner outside, plucking eyebrows, giggling in public with your girlfriends, tights clothes… Becoming relaxed in mixed settings.

    And if we are in this habit, the speaker says we should start undoing the bad habits. Practice shyness.

    I converted to Islam 9 years ago and it was hard to get out of these habits, but alhamdulillah such a relief to get away from the over-liberal woman identity.

    Great reminder.

  3. As salam alaikum wa rahmatullah, Will be very nice if the brother Abu Khadija gives a lecture regarding the modesty for men, about lower the gaze, avoid mixing with women without, against flirting with sisters in social media, marriage proposals on internet (and the advice of the scholars regarding that), cover the awrah properly, and avoid shaking hands with no relatives women. Jazaka Allahu Khayra for this beautiful lecture!

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