Benefits from ‘Akhlāqul ‘Ulamā’ (The Mannerisms of the Scholars) of Imām Al-Ājjuri – By Abu Hakeem Bilāl Davis – SalafiPublications Winter Conference 2022.

Abu Hakeem Bilāl Davis

All praise is due to Allah, the Lord of all creation—and may He extol the Messenger in the highest company of Angels, and grant him peace and security—likewise to his family, Companions, and true followers.

[24/12/2022] Benefits from ‘Akhlāqul ‘Ulamā’ (The Mannerisms of the Scholars) of Imām Al-Ājjuri – By Abu Hakeem Bilāl Davis حفظه الله. The SalafiPublications Winter Conference at Masjid As-Salafi, Birmingham, UK.

Some points discussed during this lesson:

  • The importance of studying this book.
  • The Characteristics of the ‘Ulamā: Those Whom Allāh Has Benefited with Knowledge in the Dunyā and Ākhirah.  
  • The characteristics of the ‘ālim in various states.
  • The reality that the ‘ālim remains a ṭālib until he dies.
  • The intention the student of knowledge should have when seeking knowledge.
  • Recognising the blessing of being granted success by Allāh to seek and act upon knowledge. 
  • His Characteristics When He Walks to the Scholars.
  • Benefitting from the people of knowledge in one’s land before traveling for knowledge.
  • Ways in which the student of knowledge can attain benefit when walking alone. 
  • The three categories of companions the student of knowledge should seek to have.
  • Developing the habit of utilising one’s time with that which is beneficial, and practical ways in which the student of knowledge can implement this.
  • Seeking refuge with Allāh from knowledge that does not benefit.
  • Encouragement for a person to be upon lengthy silence regarding that which does not concern him/her.
  • Fearing the establishment of proof against oneself due to an increase in one’s knowledge.
  • How the student of knowledge should address his soul and scrutinise his intentions.
  • His Characteristics When He Sits with the Scholars.
  • The manner in which he should speak and the type of questions he should ask.
  • Expressing one’s need of the scholars, informing them of the benefit one has received and thanking them for that.
  • The benefits present in the anger of an ‘Ālim, and an example of this.
  • The blameworthiness of seeking to debate with the scholars or with the foolish.
  • His Characteristics When He Begins to Be Known as a Possessor of Knowledge.
  • The necessity of the student of knowledge adorning himself with humility, and how this humility is manifested with the ‘ulamā, the one on his level and the one lesser than him.
  • The origin regarding how knowledge is sought.
  • That which the Salaf saw to be the debasement of knowledge. 
  • The blameworthiness of charging for knowledge.
  • Refraining from the children of the dunyā and humbling oneself with the poor and the righteous.
  • The mannerisms he should have with those who sit with him.
  • Teaching the people what they are in need of and repelling from them that which does not concern/benefit them.
  • Turning away from the one who wants argumentation and debate.
  • Making things easy for the people, and how he behaves with the ignorant one.

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