Advice to Muslims During The COVID-19 Lockdown in India and Elsewhere by Abu Khadeejah

Abu Khadeejah 'Abdul-Wāhid

New audio: “Advice to Muslims During the COVID-19 Lockdown in India and Elsewhere.” By Abu Khadeejah Abdul-Wāhid.

Listen and share this advice concerning:
— Self-isolation.
— Safeguarding your families.
— Avoiding too much media.
— Listening to government advice.
— Benefitting from your free-time.
— Learning the Religion.

Tele-link – 16th Sha’bān 1441H / 9th April 2020.

Please leave a comment below describing the contents of this talk and how you benefited. This will help others and it is your way of aiding the da’wah.

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