The Book Of Heart Softeners lecture by Hasan Somali

Beautiful reminder by Abu Abdillah Hasan As-Somālī, December 2016.

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  1. Excellent lecture. This lecture highlights the importance of being focused upon the hereafter and not wasting the 2 blessings which many people lose out on which are good health and free time as the Prophet (peace be upon Him) said. The hereafter is the real goal and it is what we shud strive for in truth. So we shouldn’t be using these blessings to toil and strive in the dunya whilst neglecting the hereafter.

  2. These reminders truly benefit. We should use our time in getting closer to Allah ta’la before we get sick or old or lose free time. We should strive for the hereafter and stay firm. May Allah make us stick to the salafi dawah in times of ease and hardship.

  3. السلام عليكم ،حياكم الله وبياكم
    سدد الله خطاكم ووفقكم الله يا اهل السنة في لندن وغيرها
    أسأل الله ان يبارك لكم في مسجدكم هذا وفي مركزكم السلفي
    اخوكم ادريس الجزائري الاثري

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