Words Of Wisdom To The West – By ‘Allāmah ‘Ubaid Ibn ‘Abdillāh Ibn Sulaimān Al-Jābirī رحمه الله – Translated by Abu Hakeem Bilāl ibn Aḥmad Davis.

'Allāmah 'Ubaīd Ibn 'Abdillah Ibn Sullaīmān Al-Jābirī رحمه الله

All praise is due to Allah, the Lord of all creation—and may He extol the Messenger in the highest company of Angels, and grant him peace and security—likewise to his family, Companions, and true followers.

[1997] Words Of Wisdom To The West – By ‘Allāmah ‘Ubaid Ibn ‘Abdillāh Ibn Sulaimān Al-Jābirī رحمه الله – Translated by Abu Hakeem Bilāl ibn Aḥmad Davis.

This is a tremendous questions and answers session with ‘Allāmah ‘Ubaid Ibn ‘Abdillah Ibn Sulaimān Al-Jābirī رحمه الله dating back to the 1990’s wherein he clarifies how Ahlus-Sunnah are to establish the correct Manhaj and ‘Aqīdah. This was a foundational lecture in its time and remains so today. It is translated by Abu Hakeem Bilāl ibn Aḥmad Davis حفظه الله. A nice point where Shaikh Ubaid is informed that there are 300 or so Salafis in Birmingham (in 1997). Now in 2022, there are thousands Alḥamdulillah! May Allāh have mercy upon our Shaykh and grant him the highest level of Paradise.

Some points discussed during this amazing lecture:

  • The importance of purifying the dīn from anything that is foreign to it.
  • Allāh’s command to establish the dīn.
  • Taking affairs to the ‘ulamā when disputation occurs.


  1. What are the signs that enable one to distinguish the Salafī from the one who is upon a methodology contrary to that? [00:06:43]
  2. Yā Shaykh, after that which occurred in Britain between the Salafīs, there came to us clarification from the likes of yourself and from some of our ‘ulamā here in Saudi Arabia and in other than this country. But unfortunately, there are some individuals who do not like this and what it necessitates by way of them having to change their methodology and position. So what is your advice O Shaykh, to us and to them? [00:14:40]
  3. What is the conclusive word in regards to naming oneself Salafī? Because many still do not see that one should do so. [00:26:46]
  4. What is our position as it relates to examining the people about their manhaj, and what are the limits in that regard? [00:33:24]
  5. How do we affirm the reality of the claim of a person who says he has returned to the manhaj of the Salaf after he was upon other than that? [00:41:42]
  6. Yā Shaykh, there are some who call the youth to cooperating with and benefitting from misguided and astray individuals and organisations who call to Ḥizbiyyah. Is the one who warns from the likes of this individual to be considered as a person who divides the people? [00:45:36]
  7. Shaykh, upon this point, there are those who say that there is a difference between these groups in the Arab lands and these groups in the likes of Britain, America and Europe. Is this categorisation correct? [00:49:08]
  8. Shaykh, in our country there are some deviant groups who when we warn against their callers and their scholars, they want to debate with us and occasionally want to take it to violence. And indeed we are ready for that*, but what is our position as it relates to the Sharī’ah in this regard? [53:41] 

*The mention that we are ready for the violence they want to bring to us is extremely important in regards to how the Shaykh may answer the question.

  1. Occasionally, when we have circles [of knowledge] some of the people may want the ḥaqq but have previously sat with these individuals and therefore ask about their Shaykhs and mention them by name. [They ask] for instance, should we sit with Shaykh such-and-such or Shaykh so-and-so? So how do we answer them? [01:06:10]
  2. Yā Shaykh, when that which took place between the Salafīs in Britain took place, there were some individuals from the callers who were upon other than this manhaj or have erred in this regard. They did not agree with the clarification that came to us from the scholars and wished to stay upon that which they were upon. So when they took that way, a lot of youth followed them. And if the scholars were in agreement regarding an issue, except for one or two scholars, we found them seeking out those scholars who shared their opinion. So what is your advice yā Shaykh? [01:12:59]

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