The Manners of the Student Towards the Scholar – By Abdulilah Lahmami – SalafiPublications Winter Conference 2022.

Abdulilah Lahmami

All praise is due to Allah, the Lord of all creation—and may He extol the Messenger in the highest company of Angels, and grant him peace and security—likewise to his family, Companions, and true followers.

[25/12/2022] The Manners of the Student Towards the Scholar – By Abdulilah Lahmami حفظه الله. The SalafiPublications Winter Conference at Masjid As-Salafi, Birmingham, UK.

Some points discussed during this lesson:

  • Saving ourselves and our families.
  • Following the advice of the Prophet ﷺ to Fāṭimah (رضى الله عنها) when she requested a servant to help her with her chores. 
  • The necessity of sincerity for the seeker of knowledge, and the outcome on the Day of Judgment for the one who was not sincere.
  • Protecting our hearts and not being deceived by the dunyā and the chief deceiver (Shayṭān).
  • Fearing our actions will not be accepted by Allāh.
  • The response to those who ridicule the Salafīs for not having many followers.
  • How the Salaf dealt with the storytellers and liars.
  • One of the greatest proofs against the people of innovation. 
  • The scholars’ indifference to fame and the dunyā.
  • A description of the strangers.
  • Preparing for our meeting with Allāh.
  • The need to read and ponder over the Qur’ān.
  • The miserable lives of those who have turned away from the remembrance of Allāh.
  • Benefits from Shaykh Zayd (رحمه الله) regarding the Beautiful Name of Allāh Al-Mu’min.
  • Those who will have security in the dunyā and ākhirah.
  • Allāh is sufficient for His servants.
  • Turning to Allāh and reflecting upon how quickly life is passing by.
  • A reminder of Allāh’s Mercy.
  • The great regret.
  • The example of Shaykh Muḥammad al-Bannā (رحمه الله) and how he was gentle, kind and generous, yet firm against the people of innovation. 
  • Aspiring to be from the strangers.
  • The striving and patience of the Ṣaḥābah (رضى الله عنهم).
  • Being plentiful in seeking forgiveness and asking Allāh for rizq.

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