Patience And Gratitude By Abu Iyaad

The obligation of patience is mentioned throughout the Quraan and Sunnah with numerous practical examples and in various situations – gratitude and gratefulness to Allaah for His bounties are often neglected by the creation due to inattentiveness and negligence. Combined: patience and gratitude are the amazing traits of a believer that raise him, and give him honour in this life and immense reward in the Hereafter. But how do we attain this high level? Abu Iyaad delivered this lovely lecture, amazing in content in 2011 at the Birmingham Salafi Conference.

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  1. Alhumdulillaah a great reminder on how to increase your Eemaan through Sabr.
    Sabr has become something nowerdays that is classed as insignificant or weak even, so listening to this lecture is great to remind you how powerful it really is and is something not to take for granted. JazaakAllaahu Khair for posting and sharing this!

  2. Mashallah I found this lecture very beneficial, especially when going through hardships. May Allah bless the brothers at the Salafi masjid in Birmingham.

  3. Beautiful lecture by our brother Abu Iyad. I love listening to this Naseeha Masha Allaah. May Allaah enable us to practise what we learn of knowledge. Ameen.

  4. As Salaamu alaikum wa rahmatullAllahi was barakatuhu, all praise is to Allah.

    JaazakhAllahu khairan brother may Allah give you jannahtu Firdaus, you have just equipped us with a great treasure and a key to use on the path to understanding how to follow our Prophet’s, sallAllahu alaihe was Salaam, merciful behavior.

    Subhanak Allahuma wa bihamdika ash haduan laa ilaaha ila Anta
    asghafiruka wa atoobu alaik.

  5. A great lecture. A must listen

    Any Salafi brother or sister who will listen to this lecture will not fall into disputes with others in sha Allah and if he/she did fall in disputes this lecture will beautifully explain how to get out of it. In Sha Allah.

    May Allah reward our brothers at Maktabah Salafia for their tireless efforts for dawa. Aameen.

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