Fasting in Ramadān According to the Sunnah – Lessons by Abu Khadeejah

Lessons from “Sharh Umdatil Ahkām” of Shaikh Sālih al Fawzān and “Fatāwā Arkānil Islām” of Shaikh Muhammad bin Sālih al Uthaimīn (rahimahullah).

Lesson 1: It is not allowed to pre-empt the fasting of Ramadan by fasting a day or two before it starts out of caution or “to be safe” as some people claim.

Lesson 2: Ramadan begins and ends with the sighting of the new moon of the month – it is not allowed to use calculations and astronomical methods to decide beforehand when Ramadan will begin. Also: Is it a must that we all have a united start to the month?  

Lesson 3: Signs that indicate the start of Ramadan and the Moon-sighting.

Lesson 4: Breaking the fast forgetfully, deliberately and sexual relations.

Lesson 5: Fasting whilst on a journey.

Lesson 6: Fasting whilst on a journey and the categories of those excused from Fasting

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