The Virtues of the Companions of the Messenger ﷺ [Cont. Part 3] – Explanation of Kitāb As-Sunnah from Sunan Ibn Mājah [Lesson 93] – By Abu Khadeejah ‘Abdul-Wāhid

Abu Khadeejah ‘Abdul Wahid

All praise is due to Allah, the Lord of all creation—and may He extol the Messenger in the highest company of Angels, and grant him peace and security—likewise to his family, Companions, and true followers.

[09/12/2022] The Virtues of the Companions of the Messenger ﷺ [Cont. Part 3] – Explanation of Kitāb As-Sunnah from Sunan Ibn Mājah [Lesson 93] – by Abu Khadeejah ‘Abdul-Wāhid حفظه الله.

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Some of the points discussed in this lesson:

  • Chapter: The Virtues of the Companions of the Messenger ﷺ [cont’d].
  • The virtue, high station and Allāh’s love for the Companions (رضى الله عنهم).
  • The difficulty and reward of holding on to the dīn at the end of time.
  • Abū Zur’ah (رحمه الله) on why the one who belittles even a single Companion is a zindīq (heretic). 
  • Chapter: The Virtues of Abū Bakr aṣ-Ṣiddīq (رضى الله عنه).
  • Ḥadīth #93.
  • The meaning of “your companion” in this ḥadīth.
  • The meaning of the term خلّة(khullah).
  • The difference between ‘khullah’ and ‘maḥabbah’.
  • The khullah granted to the Prophets Ibrāhīm (عليه السلام) and Muḥammad ﷺ.
  • The reason the Prophet ﷺ never took a khalīl from his ummah.
  • Consolidation between the Prophet ﷺ saying he never took a khalīl and Abū Hurayrah (رضى الله عنه) referring to him as his khalīl.
  • The love the Companions had for the Prophet ﷺ.
  • Clear proof for the precedence of Abū Bakr (رضى الله عنه) over others and that he was most deserving of the leadership of the ummah after the Messenger ﷺ. 


  1. Many of the youth believe that the Salafiyyah of Abū Taymiyyah, ‘Abdur-Raḥmān Ḥasan and Da’wah Man is balanced and accuse the brothers at Maktabah Salafiyyah of being an extreme cult. So how do we distinguish between those who have become popular and those who are truly upon Salafiyyah and do not water down the manhaj?
  2. What should be the stance of a person of Sunnah who is invited to weddings that have music and are not segregated? Many have the idea that if we do not segregate in the marketplaces, schools and roadways etc, why should we avoid gatherings where there is mixing?
  3. Question regarding lowering the gaze.

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