The Story Of Moosaa & Aashoora by Abu Hakeem

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  1. By the Grace and Mercy of Allah, my 3 sons (ages 7, 9, 10) are currently listening to this audio and taking notes. This site is a valuable resource for parents. Allaahumma baarik!

  2. This Was A Very Beneficial, Clear, Full Understanding Of The Blessed Days Of Ashura AllahuAkbar Must Listen To It.

  3. Allahumma barak alayih. This was an amazing lecture. Very well explained and detailed alhamdulillah! BarakAllahu feekum

  4. Alhumdulliah a excellent talk. My daughter said may Allah swt reward Abu Hakeem for a wonderful talk.
    Jazak Allah Kahir

  5. Jazakallah khayr to brother abu Hakeem for this beautiful, simple yet concise explanation of the significance of Aashoora.
    May Allah reward and give high stations in Jan at to all the brothers at SPUBS for their tireless efforts to give dawah. May Allah swt give us the ability to act accordingly and to His pleasure Aameen

  6. This audio was so beneficial alhamdulilah, I have learnt so much from this! I am on a journey to better myself as a muslim and gain as much knowledge as possible. This is the first time I have ever heard of this month and the explanation of the significance of this blessed month is amazing!

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