The Life and Trials of Mūsā up Until the Day Of ‘Āshūrā by Abu Khadeejah ‘Abdul Wāhid

Abu Khadeejah Abdul-Waahid

The Life and Trials of Mūsā up Until the Day Of ‘Āshūrā By Abu Khadeejah ‘Abdul Wāhid
Khutbah at Masjid as-Salafi, 14/09/18.

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  1. SubhaanAllah! A very beneficial lesson, May Allah grant peace to, and raise the ranks of Musa Alayhisalaam, Aasiyah RaddiAllahuanha and all of their loved ones Aameen. May Allah grant the Ustadh, Abu Khadeejah Abdul Wahid, and the compilers, translators and sheikhs janaatul firdows for bringing to us this lecture Aamen

  2. السلام عليكم
    جزاكم الله خيرا
    Ustadh Abu Khadeejah recounts the story of a great Prophet of Islam in a captivating khutba. The Victory of Allah is sure to come for the servants of Allah who exerce patience in obeying Him and have certainty in the promise of Allah.
    As we engage in fasting these days of 9th and 10th, it was another eemaan booster to recap the story behind 3Ashura.
    May Allah preserve u all and increase u in good.

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